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CB Rat Bridge _Hummingbird_ web_edited_e

Rat Bridge solo by CB Goodman

In this class students write and perform original solo pieces. Students will create a five to ten minute piece using material from their own life experiences, imaginations, personal objects, newspaper clippings, obituaries, celebrity doppelgängers, passions, and pet peeves. The class begins with research and writing exercises designed to help develop character and story, and then shifts to the elements of performance: the physical and vocal expression of the newly created characters and stories. Readings from Anna Deavere Smith, Nilaja Sun, John Leguizamo, Holly Hughes, Lisa Kron, Spalding Gray, and other solo performers will be required.  Students will leave this class with an original piece of theater that they may expand on in the future, a variety of physical and written methods to develop characters, and tools to help them create new work. 

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