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By Vinny Mraz



​Inside the nightmare of one woman, flowers and pearls and dresses and make-up are facades that are stripped away.  Social elite rub elbows with malleable monks and the champagne is as deceiving as an artist's brush strokes.  This original Expressionist play takes us through the mind of a woman on the edges of society and on the brink of discovery.


Sarah Lawrence College 2014
Workshop Production

Written by Vincent Mraz
Directed by CB Goodman
Lighting Design:  Collin Bradley
​Set Design:  Kate Pincus-Whitney
Costume Design:  Kate Hamrick

Man / Butler  Jack Sullivan
Green Dress  Sarah Finn       
Pink Lady  Elizabeth Pritchett-Montavon        
Pearls  Jackie Harris 
Flowers  Talia Langman       
Monk 2  Corin Lockery 
Monk 1  Reed Corse Parker         
Monk 3  Patrick Vermillion 

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