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a clown workshop to free your inner idiot


DAMMIT LOLA (Roz Mandola and CB Goodman) playing with costumes. 

Want to uncover what makes you and only you funny? Looking to improve your improv, stand up, listening skills, or stage presence? Then you have to FREE YOUR INNER IDIOT! We all have inner idiots and through clown we can begin to figure out who that idiot is and learn to share it with an audience. Being honest, sensitive, and vulnerable are the keys. When you share your idiot with an audience they will go with you anywhere and watch you do anything. Clown techniques help us to gain access to this idiot as well as help you gain confidence, improve audience sensitivity, develop the skill of dialing in performance energy, and are a ton of fun. Through games, exercises, flops, and laughs we will try and discover together what makes you uniquely funny.

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